English “Retour” Workshop with Matthew Perret

AIIC Training and Professional Development is joining forces with the FIT(Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs) and host association ACTI (Asociación Cubana de Traductores e Intérpretes) to offer a unique training opportunity on the sidelines of the FIT World Congress 2022. Come to Varadero before the Congress starts and join trainer Matthew Perret for this intensive two-day workshop on “retour” interpreting into English. 

Aims of the workshop

This workshop will offer a safe space for experimentation in techniques and strategies for interpretation into non-native English. We will look at what makes a good “retour” in conference interpreting and how can it be assessed, the challenges colleagues face on different markets, and how we can respond.

Through role-playing exercises, participants will further develop their empathy with the speakers in multilingual encounters, as well as the pure customers of the interpretation, so that ultimately they will use the English language and their communication skills more flexibly, subtly and strategically.

Target audience

This workshop is open to conference interpreters who work into English as a “retour” language. Given the location, the workshop has been designed with interpreters who work from Spanish in mind, though there may be room to accommodate other languages.

Please remember to pack: an ability to communicate effectively in English, an analytical mind, and some sample speeches in your mother tongue which illustrate the challenges you face as a conference interpreter. Above all, bring a willingness to leave your comfort zone, be creative, and rethink your strategic approach so that you can elegantly help your Anglophone audience – whatever your source speaker may throw at you.

Workshop details

Venue: Hotel Meliá Varadero, Cuba

Dates and times: Monday 30 May and Tuesday 31 May / 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Language of instruction: English
Group size: max. 12
Fee: 325 CHF


Deadline for registration: 15 May 2022
For more information: Matthew Perret (perret.matthew@gmail.com)

About the trainer

Matthew Perret (“A” EN, “B” ES, “C” FR IT PT) was trained in-house at the European Commission (SCIC) and has worked for many years at the European Union institutions as both staff and freelance interpreter. He is an English “retour” trainer with experience for AIIC Training on all continents, as well as for the EU, United Nations, African Union and Shanghai International Studies University. He is also a writer and performer of comedy.