Simultaneous interpreting: working with text

14 October 2022: 10:00–12.00; 14:00-16:00 (Geneva local time, UTC+2)
Participants: 8 min, 12 max
Fee: 75 CHF AIIC members / 95 CHF non-members

Workshop description

One of the biggest processing challenges for professional conference interpreters is simultaneous interpreting with text, a practice whereby interpreters receive manuscripts of statements to be read out, arguably increasing the complexity of the task. Targeted text-preparation strategies hold the potential of offsetting some of the additional load associated with this interpreting modality.

The objective of this online workshop, therefore, is to provide practicing professionals with an understanding of the processes involved in simultaneous interpreting with text and to engage them in a set of systematic and targeted activities to hone text-preparation strategies. Importantly, this workshop does not comprise real-time simultaneous interpreting practice. Instead, participants will be expected to actively participate using prepared materials. Technical requirements include a reliable Internet connection as well as a headset and an external microphone. Additionally, participants may choose to use their tablets (please note that in this course we will not cover tablet technology) or print out the materials made available upstream.

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