An Association without a history is soulless. AIIC has extensively been recording the history of the conference interpreting profession and of AIIC.

AIIC Africa has a rich history. Founded in 1979 in New York, USA , AIIC Africa held its inaugural meeting in December 1980 in Dakar, Senegal. The late Lewis Motou, the late Momar Khary Diagne and Ahli Komla Bruce, who were elected to the first Bureau as the Council Member, Secretary General and General Treasurer respectively, laid the foundations of the Africa Region which has grown to greater heights.

The Region has begun collecting pieces of captivating stories from colleagues that will form a mosAIIC of valuable memories. Click here to watch these informative videos to learn more about the history of interpreting in Africa.

Our special thanks go to members who have shared their stories: Vidya Diaité, Sita Djerma, Yvette Illas, Mallé Kassé, Justine Ndongo-Keller, Roland Ngong, Emmanuel Petros and Malick Sy.

We also thank Uroš Peterc, the AIIC President, for his words of support.