IAMLADP Questionnaire on Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

IAMLADP is an international forum and network of managers of international organisations employing conference and language service providers. The June Session of IAMLADP 2020 asked its Task Force on Interpretation-Specific Matters, under the Working Group on Language Services, to compile information on remote interpretation with regard to the remote interpretation modalities being used, the working conditions for interpreters working remotely and the impact of remote working modalities on interpreters, including their health.

In order to meet this objective and gain the necessary empirical understanding of the key issues, it is considered imperative to obtain direct feedback from as many interpreters as possible with regard to their experiences so far with remote interpretation. Accordingly, a questionnaire, located here Survey Link was designed by the Task Force to get feedback from interpreters who are working in RSI. It targets both in-house and freelance interpreters.  The survey is available in English and French. All interpreters working for international organisations in RSI are encouraged to complete the questionnaire by December 31, 2020. The Task Force on Interpretation-Specific Matters will analyse the results and produce a summary report with key findings, to be made available to the IAMLADP 2021 Session.