The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) is the only global association of conference interpreters, with over 3,000 professional interpreters across six continents.

AIIC promotes professional excellence and good working conditions and is considered to be a label of quality worldwide.

AIIC interpreters are:

Qualified and experienced

All AIIC interpreters are highly qualified and experienced. Most of them are graduates of internationally-recognised universities or colleges. Interpreters must have worked for at least 150 days before they can apply for AIIC membership. Applicants must be sponsored by existing members who have personally listened to them in the booth and who can vouch for their performance in real-life settings as well as proficiency in their working languages.

Professional and discreet

In addition to proving their professional competence through the sponsorship system, all AIIC members undertake to abide by the Association’s Professional Standards and its Code of Professional Ethics. These two key documents set out standards for professional behavior, proper preparation, quality assurance, team strength, confidentiality, etc. This guarantees the best possible professional service to the client.


In line with AIIC’s Code of Professional Ethics, members are under the obligation to prepare adequately for every assignment. They use the materials provided (such as presentations, working documents and speaking notes) and gather background information in order to acquaint themselves with the subject matter, the purpose of the meeting and the specialist terminology involved. In this way, they ensure smooth and fluid communication among participants.


AIIC ensures that its members are up to scratch professionally and technically by conducting research, providing technical guidance and offering opportunities for continuous professional development through the AIIC Training and Professional Development Group.

Easy to find

AIIC publishes a directory of members for use by clients. It can be accessed via the online database. Thanks to the various search options (languages, location and name), clients are sure to find the right interpreters for their event.